Guiding Healthy Habits for Orthodontic Success: Tongue Baskets

Tongue baskets come into play when proper tongue posture needs a little nudge in the right direction. If you're dealing with habits like tongue-thrusting that can affect your bite, speech, and overall oral health, these orthodontic appliances can make a world of difference. At Allen & Allen, we address tongue-thrusting with effective appliances such as the tongue basket, which helps break the thumb-sucking habit by preventing suction. The causes of tongue thrusting can be varied, including:

Prolonged thumb sucking

Hereditary factors

Larger tongue

Use of artificial nipples for feeding

Muscle and physiological irregularities

Challenges with swallowing due to conditions like frequent sore throats, large adenoids, and tonsils

Nasal congestion and allergies that lead to mouth breathing can result in a lower tongue position

Assistant and Patient during orthodontic check | Tongue Basket

When Should You Consider a Tongue Basket

Both children and adults can obtain tongue baskets from Dr. Allen once the condition is identified. In the case of children, tongue-thrusting becomes a more significant concern as their permanent teeth begin to emerge. Should your child still engage in thumb-sucking at the age of four, it is recommended to visit an orthodontist to assess the necessity of a tongue crib to address the behavior and its potential effects.

For adults struggling with persistent tongue-thrusting habits, seeking guidance from an orthodontist is recommended. Dr. Allen will evaluate the need and provide insights on the appropriate timing for a tongue basket, if deemed necessary. The duration of tongue basket usage generally varies from six to 12 months, depending on the severity of the tongue-thrusting issue.

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