When Should I Consider Braces for My Child?

Crooked teeth aren't the only reason children may need braces. From fixing speech complications to counteracting bite issues, orthodontic treatment from Dr. Mark Allen of Allen & Allen Orthodontics in Rockwall, Garland, and Royse City, TX, can help your son or daughter have the best oral health possible!

How can braces help my child?

Self-esteem and appearance are closely related. If your child is self-conscious about smile issues, he or she may lack confidence, particularly if other children make unkind comments. Braces gradually straighten and realign teeth, enhancing your child's smile and improving self-esteem.

Alignment problems don't just affect appearance, however—they can also cause problems with:

  • Chewing: Chewing and biting can be difficult if your child has a bite problem (i.e. when the upper and lower teeth don't align properly). Unfortunately, some kids with bite issues resort to swallowing their food whole, which can cause upset stomachs and increase the risk of choking.
  • Speech: Clear speech relies on a complex interaction between your child's brain, vocal cords, teeth, tongue, and jaw. Orthodontic issues can make it difficult for your child to pronounce certain words or sounds.
  • Damage: Enamel erosion, cracked teeth, and cuts to the cheeks, lips, or tongue can occur if your child's teeth aren't properly aligned.

Does my child need braces?

While the best way to tell if your child needs braces is to visit one of our offices in Rockwall, Garland, or Royse City, these signs also help indicate that orthodontic treatment may be helpful:

  • A Bite Problem: Overbites, underbites, open bites and crossbites can all be corrected with braces. Sometimes bite problems can occur even if your child's teeth look normal.
  • Spaces Between Teeth: Gaps between teeth can affect speech and lead to self-confidence issues.
  • Crowding: Do your child's teeth overlap and grow at odd angles due to crowding? Crowding can increase your son or daughter's risk of tooth decay or gum disease.
  • Mouth Breathing: Mouth breathing may be a sign that your child's airway is partially blocked by a narrow palate or another issue.
  • Premature Loss of Baby Teeth: Orthodontic treatment may also be needed if your child lost his or her baby teeth earlier or later than normal.

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